At the Olympia Cafe we strive to do what is right, here are a few of our initiatives.


Chicken & Duck

We use free range chickens and ducks on our menus and in all our pies and sandwiches



We only use fish that is on the Sassi green list, while this limits our choices it gives us a clear conscience. Sassi List



We only serve filtered water as we try not use single use plastics, the water is free to anybody who wants to drink it.



We use bio degradable paper straws to play our part in keeping plastic out of the oceans


Coffee Cups

We use bio degradable paper cups that are printed with soy based inks  and lined with plant based coatings allowing them to degrade quickly. We are still working on finding a lid to match


if you feel we have missed anything please contact us and let us see what we can do together